Wednesday 23rd August 2017,
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Lying on the Grass

How to Face the Horror

The shootings in Connecticut have made us all feel like we’ve been punched in the stomach.  So many issues come up at times like these –- Why are we going through this again? Why in an idyllic little town? Will [...]

December 20, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Using the Four Steps

Last week, I had the opportunity to once again use these four steps for managing my fear. I was not thrilled to be in this situation, but I was enormously comforted to have a plan of action ready to help [...]

November 17, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Review of Managing Your Fear and Taking Care of Yourself

  Life has its “ups,” and we’re all happy for those times. but it also has its “downs,” and sometimes those down times are just plain scary. What should you do during those times? I’ve offered  four tools you can [...]

August 15, 2012 Managing Your Fear
River Crew

Taking care of Yourself – part 4

    In the last three posts, I’ve talked about how you can take care of yourself during a stressful time in your life. I explained that I divided these aids into two categories:   THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR [...]

July 12, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Taking Care of Yourself – part 3

  In the last post, I discussed two things you can do for yourself  when you are feeling afraid or anxious. The first, Meditation, is probably the most calming activity you can engage in. The other, enjoying Humor, is something [...]

June 15, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Taking Care of Yourself — part 2

  In my last post, I talked about the three most important things you can do to take care of yourself when going through a difficult time in your life. I talked about Diet and Exercise as well as the [...]

May 20, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Taking Care of Yourself

  In addition to the four tools I’ve laid out for you to use when combatting the fear that might arise when you’re facing a difficult situation, there are some other things you can do to take care of yourself [...]

April 6, 2012 Managing Your Fear

Surrender, Step-By-Step

  Your Breathing techniques, Visualizations, and Mantras will prepare you for whatever ordeal you will be facing, and they’ll be an important part of getting you through it. However, once you are in the situation, whatever it is, you have [...]

March 15, 2012 Managing Your Fear


  In the last post, I talked about, Breathing, the first tool you should have at your disposal when feeling anxious, apprehensive, or fearful.. Visualization is the second powerful tool you should can use when facing a frightening event in [...]

February 15, 2012 Managing Your Fear


  Your first tool for dealing with fear is something you already do constantly, both day and night. It’s called Breathing. What can I possibly tell you about something you already do without even thinking about it? The answer is: [...]

January 16, 2012 Managing Your Fear