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Review of Managing Your Fear and Taking Care of Yourself


IMG_5724Life has its “ups,” and we’re all happy for those times. but it also has its “downs,” and sometimes those down times are just plain scary. What should you do during those times?

I’ve offered  four tools you can use to get you through any dreaded situation. I use the letters BVMS to help me (and you) remember what they are.





1. Lamaze Breathing – Techniques created to help with pain during childbirth

     Breathing through the pain

2. Dr. Weil’s Breathing Techniques – Becoming conscious of every breath, both in and out.

3. Mary’s Breathing Box – Breathing in, holding it, then breathing out four times, while counting

4. Spiritual Breathing – Techniques that help you connect to your inner spirit



1. Imaginary Visualizations – Guided Imagery

2. Factual Visualizations



1. Mantras for Transcendental Meditation

2. Other Kinds of Mantras

3. Factual Mantras

4. Spiritual Mantras


Surrender, Step-By-Step


1. Surrender – Sinking Into Whatever Situation You Find Yourself

2. Step-By-Step – Being Completely in This Moment


The second part of the series dealt with Taking Care of Yourself while you’re going through this difficult time.


Taking Care of Yourself


1. Be Grateful for what you have and Keep Moving Forward.

2. Exercise

3. Eat Healthy

4. Get Educated about your situation

5.  Meditate

6. Use Humor to help yourself get through this.

7. Listen to calming Music

8. Find a Hobby

9. Start Journaling about what you’re going through.

10. Touch the Earth

11. Try using Aromatherapy

12. Let People Help You

13. Find a Support Group

14. Get a Massage


And, finally, Good Luck to you! May your pain and fear be assuaged. And may you come out the other end of this difficult time in your life a healthier and happier person. Winston Churchill once said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”  I hope these tools I’ve presented will help you to “keep going” all the way through to the other side!




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