Friday 15th March 2024,
Bird On The Wire

Bird On The Wire

Bird On The Wire focuses on three subjects that are near and dear to my heart:

1. Planning a Wedding – My daughter will be getting married soon, and, in this series, I’ll be offering advice based on the many things I’ve learned during this planning process.

2. Environmentalism in the 21st Century – Environmentalism is my passion. I wrote for a Sierra Club newspaper for many years, and most recently fought to preserve an untouched stretch of the California coast. I’ll talk about what it means to be an environmentalist today.

3. Managing Your Fear – In going through breast cancer, from the the first biopsy to the surgery and chemo therapy, I developed a system to deal with the constant fear I felt at each step of the way. I’ll be sharing this system with you.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I’m enjoying putting it together!

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